Saturday, December 30, 2017

Truth One On One

Truth One On One                                     12-30-17

Psalm 25:4-5 (ESV) 4  Make me to know your ways, O LORD; teach me your paths.
5  Lead me in your truth and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation; for you I wait all the day long.

Some thoughts for the New Year.This is my verse for 2018. 

Years ago,my friend and mentor Pastor Doug, told me something about ministry that has stayed with me. The most effective ministry,he said, was one on one. While we and of course, God, can minister to one another in the sacredness of the sanctuary,surrounded by others of like faith(church), or in great evangelistic services, or wherever people come together,the MOST EFFECTIVE ministry is conducted one on one. It is the privacy and intimacy of one on one that allows people to let their hair down. To wash away all the makeup,and get down to the heart of the matter.Now for sure,it takes time to develop the trust needed for a relationship that is forthright and honest.But,that is where truth is discovered. Not too long back,God spoke those same words to yours truly. And herein lieth the lesson.

Look at that verse again. Pay particular attention to that one word..........What one word Ronnie?..........That word YOUR.

"Make me to know YOUR..... teach me YOUR........Lead me in YOUR......."""

I watched the movie "The Shack" this week. Yeah I know. The book,in my opinion wasn't that good. Some even called it sacreligious. I personally did not like the book and did not agree with some of the characterizations. But, the movie was different. It still had some sketchy issues,but there was something about the movie that I didn't find in the book. The movie had a deeper,underlying meaning that I did not find in the book. Truths about the nature of God,(He really is good,a lot if not most of His children don't grasp or believe that truth deep down),His sovereignty,(He can appear as a black female if He so desires), He can speak to His children using unconventional and non traditional means(see Balaam's donkey) on and on and on. It touched my heart. But, there was one underlying truth in the movie that stood out above the rest.

When God needed to talk to one of His devastated children,which the lead character in the movie most certainly was........when God needed to minister and heal that hurting child,He chose one avenue to accomplish His purpose. What was it you say? Just this.

God got his child ALONE. He invited him out to a deserted shack. Just him. Not him and anybody or anything else. JUST HIM AND GOD. Period. Ya gettin' my drift here?

Brothers and sisters as we walk out of yet another year,(they are stacking up!)and walk into a brand new year,let us strive to make the above verse a reality in our lives.

Do we need others in our lives? Oh yes. Community is God's idea isn't it? In laws,out laws,pastors,church families,friends.....that is what makes God's world turn. It's all there for us to enjoy. the midnight hour........when facing down the barrel of a  sickness that isn't going away,when the blows and wounds from friends and foe alike are open and festering,when the guilt and confusion from past sins and mistakes come calling, when the reality sets in that the lost loved one isn't coming back in this life.......ya feelin' me here? There's only one solution. Get alone with God. Allow Him to teach you the path that you should walk,let Him lead you in HIS truth for YOUR life.

I will leave you with the ONE TRUTH for us all as we enter this New Year.

There is only ONE truth in all life. That truth will not be found in the halls of politics. It will not be found in political correctness and coexistence. It will not be found in any of the gods of this world. Whether it be capitalism,patriotism,socialism,nationalism or any other ism.It is not to be found in Allah,Buddah or any other god of this world.


John 14:6 (ESV) 6  Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Happy New Year!

God Bless.


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